Bottleneck Blues Club

Dear all

Firstly, I would like to thank all who attended the show on 30th November with the Spikedrivers. and what a show it was, this band just keeps getting better and better!

Despite all adversity, including the preceding emergence of the Omicron scare and the last minute cancellation of food by the venue, over 75% of bookings turned up allowing us to do the artist real justice in true Bottleneck style. I found the courage and determination in promotion of the spirit of keeping music alive extremely moving (to say the least) and it was a real joy to see everyone.

Unfortunately, uncertainty remains with us and, at present, it is quite impossible to book events sufficiently in advance to be fair to the artist and audience alike. Accordingly, there will be no traditional January show. Additionally, the venue has recently informed me that it is likely to be refurbishing extensively in the first part of the year, which means that the next Bottleneck event may happen in the late Spring or Summer of 2022, again subject to pandemic circumstances. At least we did get one good show in following the Covid enforced closure in March 2020!

All I can ask you to do is to keep an eye on your inboxes, or this website, for any future updates.

I would like to thank you all, once again, for the tremendous support you have given to the club over the years.

Happy New Year!

Richard Dobney

Bottleneck Blues Club