Bottleneck Blues Club

Thank you to those who came to see Bad Influence earlier this week.

A superb show with singer Val Cowell relentlessly pouring her soul into every song. An artist that is clearly born to perform, backed by a fabulous band. I was asked by several regulars for a return and have accordingly promised them a show next year

For this month on Tuesday 27th August we have the ’Summer Spectacular’, representing an additional show to our normal annual run. Featuring Geoff Achison and the UK Soul Diggers, the show was set up so that we didn’t miss Geoff’s 2019 UK tour, particularly in view that he is among the club’s all time favourite artists - an internationally acclaimed guitarist and all-round amazing performer, with a personality that endears all to him - this is why! The band comprises the cream of British musicians, making the whole something very special indeed. We also have, from the USA, the acclaimed James and Black in support, providing what is, overall, an event at great value and simply not to be missed!

The venue is the St. George Hotel. If you drive past with the Roffen on your left, the venue is a couple of hundred yards up New Road, on the left. There is on-site parking both on the roof, accessed from the front and in the basement at the rear, although you can find plenty of on-street parking within a short walk. Parking in one of the car parks requires (immediate) registration in the venue, available on panels both in the lobby and in the performance room itself. Please enter the venue via the main front door and make your way down to the Stanley Ballroom.

Tickets £15.00, pay on the door. Doors open 7.30pm, band on stage 8.00pm. Good food, reasonably priced, available to eat at your table if required.

So, that’s Geoff Achison and the UK Soul Diggers appearing on Tuesday 27th August..

Please do support!

Richard Dobney